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  Mix Waffles

Ready to prepare waffles with 3 months of storage in freezing.

  Mix Hot Cakes Full Recipe

Ready to prepare hot cakes, only adding water.

  Mix Fudge Brownie

Ready to prepare brownies with crunchy crust and soft center, keeping in freezing for up to 3 months.

  Mix Biscuit

Ready to prepare a biscuit with a smooth texture and crunchy crust with delicious butter flavor.

  Mix Vanilla Cake

Complete mix to prepare a delicious vanilla flavor cake.

  Mix Chocolate cake

Complete mix to prepare a delicious chocolate flavor cake.

  Mix Concha

Mix to prepare a 100% Mexican “concha”.

  Mix Pan box

Mix to prepare box bread or any salty bread.

  Mix Brownie Mexican

Product to prepare brownies with crunchy crust and soft center, with a profile of spicy and slightly spicy flavor.

  Mix Brownie Matcha

Mix to make brownies reduced in sugar and with added matcha, with the exquisite natural flavor of tea.

  Mix Black Bread

Ready to prepare a black salty bread, integrating among its components an auxiliary digestion.

Leavening agent of double action.


It retains moisture and provides greater resistance to refrigerated or frozen products

that are reheated in microwaves.

  PS Enhancer:

Improver that decreases kneading time, since it facilitates the development of gluten

and contributes smoothness to the final product for a longer time.