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    Brine solutions

    Neutral marinades custom made to the needs.​

    Flavored or unflavored injection solutions for fresh and frozen products.​


    We strictly comply with the sanitary standards required in accordance with current legislation.​

    Flavor solutions

    Flavor solutions tailored to the existing market:​

    • Rubs​
    • Glazes​
    • Seasonings​
    • Marinades​


    Solutions according to the cooking process: ​

    • Grill​
    • Oven​
    • Electric griddle or frying pan​

    Complete Solutions for:

    Proccesed meats

    • Complete solutionsfor: ​
    • Ground meats​
    • Hamburguers​
    •  Fine meat​
    • Meat trimmings (scraps)
    • Improvestaste and texture​
    • Reductionof cooking losses ​
    • Longershelf life (conservation)​
    • Color preservation(antioxidants)​