About us

¿What does Trophé means?

From the Greek (trophos) which means to nourish and feed, it is the perfect formula to enrich, fortify and nourish the food industry.

We are supported by more than 40 years innovating together with our clients, creating solutions and new projects for the food industry.

All our services are performed under strict quality controls by highly trained people, and are certified

By world-class institutions that guarantee the optimum level of our products.

¿Where do we distribute??

Our offices

Monterrey Industria Electrónica 107, Parque Industrial Escobedo, 66062 Cd Gral Escobedo, N.L
Monterrey Valle EHR 102Parque Industrial La Esperanza Sta. Catarina NL
Guadalajara Av 8 de julio, 2166, Col San Sebastianito, 45601, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.
Torreón Carretera La Unión - La Partida #1823 Interior #5
Fraccionamiento Anna, CP 27410, Torreón, Coahuila.
81 8154 0900