We specialize in the design, development and
manufacturing of cutting-edge breading and
seasoning systems.

Efficiency & Volume

We cater to both high and low-volume production batches, making us ideal for both permanent and seasonal product offerings. With a growing production capacity, we are equipped to meet your demands, big or small.

Fast Tracking

At Trophe, our R&D laboratory in Monterrey, Mexico, is dedicated to fast-tracking your product development.

Unmatched Speed

Experience our unmatched speed with the first sample ready in just 15 days and subsequent iterations in 8 days.

Quality Control


Explore the versatility of Trophe’s product offerings. Our breading systems cater to a wide array of flavors, colors and textures, including: lemon pepper, flaming-hot, italian herbs and anything you can image. Whether you’re aiming for a bold profile or a spicy and vibrant kick, Trophe’s breading systems are your gateway to a world of endless possibilities, ensuring that your products stand out with exceptional taste visual appeal.

Our Products

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